802.11n Standard Finally Approved By IEEE

Around six years after it presented the first draft version, the IEEE has finally ratified the 802.11n wireless LAN standard, it has been reported.

The ratification essentially implies that wireless router buyers can eventually rest assured that 802.11n kit will stay compatible with future equipments based on the standard.

Controversial “Draft-N” labels are finally out of the picture and the industry can now expect for a real standard to push out the glut of proprietary technologies that looked to outgun each other.

The standard is capable of delivering wireless throughput speeds of up to 300 megabits per second or even higher, and it took precisely seven years from the day it was conceptualised first.

Reports about the ratification surfaced via a blog post showing an email sent by Bruce Kraemer, the chairman of the 802.11n standard Task Group, to the members of the task group.

Discussing about the ratification the IEEE said: “The 560-page 802.11n amendment will enable rollout of significantly more scalable WLANs that deliver 10-fold-greater data rates than previously defined while ensuring co-existence with legacy systems and security implementations.”

Besides, the completion of 802.11n has further triggered debate over the role IEEE would play in setting up next-generation Wi-Fi standards.

Incidentally, several router manufacturers have showed their discontent over the amount of time the ratification process of 802.11n consumed, which in turn led to inflicting serious damage to consumers’ confidence.

Our Comments

Now that Draft-N is out of the window, it will be good to have a look at what will happen next. There are already a number of concurrent standards working together including 802.11ac, 802.11ad, 802.11z or 802.11s. The next step will almost surely be the 1Gbps barrier (at least theoretical). This should be enough for streaming full HD content.

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