Apple's iPod Touch Hides Wireless-N Chip & Space For Camera

The lads at iFixit tore apart the latest iPod Touch launched last week by Apple in a bid to find out more about the portable media player set to take on the Zune HD in a few weeks' time.

First, there seems to be enough space in the chassis for a camera to be inserted at some point in the future. According to iFixit, there is enough room near the top of the iPod Touch for this to happen.

The PMP also contains a chipset from Broadcom, the BCM4329FKUBG, which supports 802.11n wireless connectivity and FM capabilities, something that apart from the Nano, no other Apple devices support.

Apple has chosen Samsung for most of the electronics in the iPod Touch; the ARM-based processor is a 339S0075 model which based on an ARM Core, the Cortex A8 and is a slightly improved version the one found on the iPhone 3GS.

Tests carried out by ITMedia in Japan show that the processor runs at 600MHz, has 256MB RAM and has a PowerVR SGX GPU. Both the CPU and the GPU are likely to have been underclocked to save power and improve battery life.

Our Comments

Apple Insider said that the iPod Touch had its camera surgically removed last month only. Perhaps it was due to the fear that the iPhone could possibly get an unwanted rival from its own family. It also offers the tantalising prospects of a 4G iPhone Touch that will come with a camera, Wirelesss N WiFi and an FM Radio.

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