Mobile Apps Fuel Massive UK Smartphone Growth

An increasing number of mobile users are simply dumping their old mobile handsets to go for smartphones that can download applications, says a research study.

A recent study by popular comparison site revealed that this new vogue is kicking off what it refers to as an “appster” generation.

These users have already downloaded an average nine apps in the past one year, spending £9 or above, and in some cases, even more than the price tag of the phone and contract. The trend is still in its nascent stage, but it exhibits a promising future ahead, the report added.

Around half of the 2,000 adults questioned said that they would think about switching, or have already switched, their outdated handset to a fully-featured smartphone particularly to get access several well-known applications.

The iPhone is at the forefront of this new shift towards high-end smartphones, specifically because of the huge number of applications being offered by Apple’s App Store (around 60,000).

James Parker, form, said in a statement: “The iPhone has led the way in the smartphone market since its launch, and the advent of applications has really added fuel to the fire”.

However, the trend hasn’t apparently swayed every mobile user out there, as nearly one third of the people surveyed described these apps as gimmicks, or even described them as tools for show-offs.

Our Comments

Smartphones will replace plain mobile phones in the mainstream market gradually simply because manufacturers will try to differentiate their products at any particular price range. More significantly though, many high end features will start trickling down as the iPhone has set the standard for others to follow.

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