Navigon Launches MobileNavigator Update For iPhone

Navigon has issued their second free update for the North American iteration of its popular GPS tracking service MobleNavigator for the iPhone, claiming to offer a host of new comprehensive features to users.

The upgrade, which is already available in the UK, provides iPhone users with text-to-speech capability, which would present real-time voice-based tracking information and announce street names for better navigation.

Gerhard Mayer, VP worldwide mobile phones and new markets at Navigon, said in a statement “With the addition of text-to-speech technology from SVOX, Navigon remains on the forefront of iPhone navigation options with the most solid feature set on the market”.

In addition to this, the update further boasts of an integrated iPod control to let the motorists enjoy their favourite tracks on the go. Users can also share their locations, an address, or a point of interest, with their friends via emails with this new update.

Among its other handy features, the upgraded navigation app presents automatic day/night adjustment, detailed maps of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico as well as the Virgin Islands, capability to function in both landscape and portrait modes, signpost display, intelligent address entry, just to name a few.

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The updated version of the MobileNavigator app will be priced at $90, and requires iPhone 3.0 firmware update or higher versions. You can get the iPhone version from Navigon for £49.99 which is apparently their summer special price and ends at the end of this month.

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