Nokia To Gauge Developers Interest In N900 "Push" Competition

Nokia wants to titillate the curiosity of developers with a contest called PUSH N900, a design, hacking and modding project from Nokia which allows coders and creative minds to work on the N900 and the Maemo platform.

The competition was launched during the past weekend at the One Dot Zero event held in London. According to Nokia, those willing to participate in the project only need to achieve one thing. Tell Nokia how they would hack and mod the N900+Maemo pair to connect the N900 to something they cherish.

A panel of judges will select the five best projects and these will get financial and technological resources to make their projects become reality. The deadline for written, Visual or videoed submissions is the 5th of October and the winners will be announced on the 25th.

They will also get a N900 free and potentially become very rich if their ideas take off. In addition, the winning projects will go around the Nokia flagship stores in Helsinki, London, Tokyo and New York next year.

That said, the site that hosts the event, the discussion as well as further details however doesn't work past the front page. All the links bring to that main page.

Our Comments

Good to see that Nokia is encouraging developers to try their skills at the N900, arguably, Nokia's best smartphone of the past few years (the 5800 Xpressmusic aside). We're quite happy to see that the phone is being considered as a popular device by the developer community as well it seems.

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