BBC's Tomorrow's World Goes Online

The BBC has added snippets of the immensely popular TV show ‘Tomorrow’s World’ online, one which kept the British audience on the edge of their seats by presenting the futuristic developments from the world of science and technology.

Started back in 1965, the TV show was a big hit among tech aficionados before it was unceremoniously axed out in 2003 from BBC1’s schedules.

Discussing about the show, the BBC said: “Its mix of quirky film reports and live experiments examined the changing state of current technology and put new inventions to the test”.

This move from the Beeb would allow web users and viewers to access classic episodes from the well-known series online in the BBC digital archive. Users can now view clips from the shows, as well as some full-length episodes, for free.

Boasting its online archive, the corporation asserted that this collection of full programmes and items from the archives would help us recall some of the presenters of the show who later became household names, like James Burke, Raymond Baxter, Judith Hann, to name a few.

Some of the prominent clips from the classic series would include Europe’s first home computer terminal, the Moog synthesiser, an experimental cordless mobile phone, future’s automated workplace, and many more.

Our Comments

To some extent the show was replaced by Click which was launched in September 2000 and has already reached its 500th episode. The problem though is that Click, unlike say the Gadget Show on Five, is still targeted at a geeky audience. Now wonder then that Click is programmed either late at night or sometimes in early mornings.

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