Google Puzzles Users With Crop Circle Logo & Missing "L"

Google has published yet another visual riddle on its search front page, the world's most popular web page in the world, this time with a flying saucer hovering over crop circles arranged to look as Google's ubiquitous logo.

The L of the logo is apparently missing with a tractor's trail dividing "Goog" and "e". A quick look at the source code of the font page shows that the letter L is indeed missing (the logo's filename is goog_e.gif).

Also of interest in the source code is the search URL which contains the "ct=goog_e" and "oi=ddle", ddle meaning doodle whears "ct" designates the associated event.

The Domain names, and have already been registered although not by Google. Clicking on the logo brings us to a full search on "Crop circles".

Google also posted the coordinates "51.327629, -0.5616088" on its official Twitter account. Insert that in Google Maps and you're transported to Woodham Road, Woking Surrey in UK which has links with a UFO sighting 25 years ago.

The doodle comes 10 days after Google launched another cryptic message with a flying saucer on the front page of the search engine, sucking the second "O" on Google's logo with a tractor beam.

The company has also confirmed that the mystery surrounding these doodles will be revealed in due time. Note that the two letters that have been abducted are O and L.

Our Comments

The address was also apparently linked to H.G Wells immensely popular "War of the Worlds" novel which mentions it as where the aliens first landed. Google is really teasing us with those mysterious pictograms. Let's hope that the truth isn't disappointing.

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