Microsoft Starts Windows Marketplace Adverts on iPhone?

A Twitter user, named Raphael Moser, has claimed that Windows Marketplace for Mobile adverts have begun to appear in his iPhone smartphone, according to reports from Ars Technica.

The advert, which was noticed by Moser over the weekend, contains the logo of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, as well as the name of the store in all caps. It also shows two more words all in caps, “Submit App”, along with the name and logo.

However, it’s still not clear how widespread this ad, as no other user has reported about the advert, or any related ones, yet. There are various ad networks that are responsible for running adverts on iPhone apps, and the software giant is probably taking the services of one of those networks.

Ars Technica further discussed the possibility of Microsoft targeting the iPhone apps specifically. This is obviously because of the ad’s dimensions, and the fact that Redmond is interested in luring iPhone developers.

The move would indeed help Microsoft to catch the eye of iPhone developers, which in turn would help the company to leverage several apps already present on the Apple’s App Store.

Microsoft, with this new reported ad campaign, seems to be more focused on promoting its Windows Marketplace for Mobile, which hasn’t been getting the much-needed attention until now.

Our Comments

Interesting indeed that Microsoft did that. Moser also posted a screen capture to prove his point. Microsoft is becoming more aggressive and will not spare any tactics in order to push its Windows mobile brand where it needs to be. Incidentally, some might also wonder whether Microsoft is not getting a bit desperate.

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