250GB Xbox 360 Released As Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console

Microsoft has upped the ante in the console arena with a 250GB Xbox 360 gaming bundle that has been customised to the theme of Modern Warfare 2, which means "high-speed, low-drag, battle-ready design" according to the PR people.

The console, which will be available as from the 10th of November, will come with a copy of Modern Warfare 2, two wireless controllers, a headset and the fuzzy feeling that you own a limited edition of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft has not confirmed whether the Xbox 360 will be more than just a modified Elite console with a bigger hard disk drive. Also it hasn't confirmed whether there will be other games-based Limited edition Xbox 360 consoles soon.

Amazon in the US is already selling it for $399 (that's for preorder) but we wouldn't expect it to be sold for less than £300. The Xbox 360 limited edition will be available exclusively in the UK from Game and Gamestation.

Sony is also expected to launch a 250GB Sony Playstation 3 Slim by the end of the year and to put more emphasis on the fact that the Playstation 3 can do more than just gaming (like watching BBC and other freeview channels).

Our Comments

Shame though that the guys at Microsoft could not go higher than a 250GB hard disk drive. A 320GB or even a 500GB model would have done nicely and would have proved a compelling argument to replace that PVR. A 250GB is good for a few films and the games but a 500GB or even the 1TB model would have been smashing.

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