£30 p/m Blackberry Storm on Vodafone 300 min, ultd texts, ultd internet

The BlackBerry Storm smartphone is Research In Motion's first full touchscreen mobile phone and on the surface, it's just another one to add to the ever growing list available.

However, the Storm has gone in its own direction and features innovations not found anywhere else, plus the draw of the awesome email capabilities of a BlackBerry mobile cannot be underestimated. Read on to see why the Storm was one of the most anticipated mobile phone releases of the year!

Like many other touchscreen phones, a swipe of your finger scrolls around pages or through your picture gallery and just as before, the BlackBerry key brings up the menu so anyone used to a BlackBerry OS will be at home here, while new users will be quick to adjust.

The Storm is a 3G device and has support for HSDPA plus EDGE and GPRS, so web browsing on the move is as fast as currently possible, plus the BlackBerry browser has been given a tweak or two and is better than previous incarnations.

Of course, this being a BlackBerry means it excels at anything email related and connects quickly and simply to just about any network you can think of.

Away from the business side of the Storm, you have the 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera with an LED flash, a very capable music and video player, a 3.5mm jack plug for your own headphones and the Assisted GPS receiver complete with BlackBerry Maps.

This package includes the Blackberry Storm on Vodafone with unlimited internet, unlimited text messages, 300 minutes and a 24 month contract for only £30 per month.