ASA Slams BSkyB Over False Broadband Claims

BSkyB has been asked by the Advertising Standards Authority to pull down a misleading press advertisement over Sky Broadband's claims regarding broadband speeds at peak times from their competitors.

The advert read "Reduce your costs, not your speed" and purported to the fact that BT and Virgin both slowed down their broadband speed at peak times, something that the aforementioned companies strongly denied.

The complaint by BT was upheld by the ASA as the broadband company said that the advert suggested that all customers would be downgraded to slower speeds by the company during peak times, which is not true.

Both BT and Virgin Media operate fair usage policies but they target their heaviest users only rather than indiscriminately apply to every customer. Sky said that its Sky Broadband Unlimited was the only one which offered truly unlimited service that did not offer slow speed at any time or "traffic shaped" the broadband service.

Sky Broadband has been asked not to broadcast the advert in its current form, failing which it may be sanctioned. Ironically, in recent advertisements, BT has used the same argument saying that it won't slow down its broadband speed during peak times.

Our Comments

Hopefully Sky Broadband will learn from its mistakes. We're not sure about the fact that it can offer truly unlimited broadband. What it can offer is an unmanaged broadband line, but definitely not unlimited broadband.

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