Google Launches Third Version Of Its Chrome Browser

Google on Tuesday has announced the third stable version of its signature web browser Chrome, just around a year after it entered the internet browser market.

The latest iteration of the browser, which has moved from its beta stage to what the search engine giant refers to as “stable development channel”, would only be available for Windows users. The new version incorporates a host of improvements in terms of speed, performance and stability.

According to Google, the third version of the browser is 25 percent faster in rendering JavaScript than the second version, which was introduced back in May, and 150 percent faster than the original Chrome.

Google wrote in a blog post “This release comes hot on the heels of 51 developer, 21 beta and 15 stable updates and 3,505 bugfixes in the past year”.

Of its newly added features, the browser includes a redesigned New Tab page that bears a resemblance to the one found in Apple’s Safari; enhanced support for HTML 5, specifically ‘video tag’; more icons to Omnibox to differentiate between searches, websites, and bookmarks.

In addition to these, Google has also addressed a couple of security flaws before releasing the third update of its browser.

Our Comments

One year already and three versions of Chrome already out. In comparison, Firefox took several years to reach its third version and Opera more than ten years to reach version 10. I am using version 4 of the browser - the Alpha version - but have resigned to move to Opera for because of the resource management issues I encountered on my laptop.

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