Virgin Media & Vodafone Grab Broadband Awards

In the second annual Top 10 Broadband Awards, Virgin Media and Vodafone have clinched the awards for the best home and mobile broadband provider service providers respectively.

The awards were announced on the basis of 1.5 million customer ratings as well as 400,000 broadband speed tests performed on the Top 10 Broadband site.

Virgin Media received the Broadband Innovation award for its ambitious 50Mbps broadband service and was designated as the Fastest Home Broadband provider in the UK.

On the other hand, Vodafone dominated the mobile broadband category and was named Fastest Mobile Broadband provider and the Best Rated Mobile Broadband in the UK.

The director at Top 10 Broadband, Alex Buttle, said in a statement: “Most Brits are getting more broadband choice and better broadband service than ever. These awards also demonstrate how competitive the broadband market is in 2009, with no single provider dominating the categories”.

Virgin Media truly swayed its customers and claimed both the Fastest Broadband provider and Broadband Innovation awards.

They seem to appreciate Virgin Media for its endeavours to introduce 50Mbps broadband service, and said that at the time when broadband speeds in the UK are hovering around 4Mbps and the country’s technological infrastructure is being questioned, Virgin Media’s investment into offering 50Mpbs to web users is “a next-generation service today”.

Our Comments

There's no denying that Virgin Media is winning the broadband battle and is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to speed. However, it seems that it might have to work harder on getting its customer approach right. As for Vodafone, well, the fact that the award was bestowed in the mobile broadband category means that it might be of little value someone living in an area where Vodafone's signal is weak.

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