AMD Cheap Quad Core Athlon Available In UK For Under £75

AMD's latest quad core phenomenon, the Athlon II X4 620, has already reached our shores and is available for as little as £74.57 + P&P from popular online retailer Aria.

We've been told that stocks are plenty and that the model available is a retail one, complete with one year warranty (instead of the usual three) and complete with the default heat sink fan.

The X4 620 has popped up in the US for under $100 (with free delivery at Newegg in the states) which is a smidgen under £60 which means that the UK price is around 30 percent more expensive (ed: as usual).

The AMD Athlon II processor is based around the K10 microarchitecture which is the foundation of the Phenom and Phenom II processor.

AMD has managed to cut down costs by reducing the amount of L2 and L3 cache on the processor and therefore the overal number of processors. This makes the processor die smaller and reduces the amount of waste drastically.

In fact, the X4 620 dosn't have any L3 cache and only 2MB L2 cache which should be fine for games but not good at all for cache-sensitive applications.

Even if AMD uses a 45nm SOI manufacturing process, the CPU has a TDP of 95W which is quite high fiven that it runs at only 2.6GHz, making it the second slowest CPU (when it comes to clockspeed).

The X4 620 supports both the DDR2 and DDR3 memory and will be a wonderful partner with any 785G motherboard which comes with an integrated ATI Radeon HD4200 graphics module.

Our Comments

Introducing the Quad Core X4 620 reminded me of the old AMD; when cornered, the only remaining alternative is to slash your average selling price to grab market share. AMD knows that it will hurt and so do the analysts - no surprise therefore that the shares of the company fell by 3 percent yesterday. Intel has the upper hand with the Core i5 technology. AND will have to do better than that to survive.

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