Pure Unleases Sensia DAB Radio With Touchscreen & WiFi

Pure has just released a new kind of radio which goes beyond the simple task of streaming audio content; the Sensia goes well beyond that and could be described as a computer whose primary role is to broadband some tunes.

The brand is owned by Imagination Technologies which is part-owned by Apple (and Intel) and one could say that if the Cupertino-based company was to design a radio, it would look like the Sensia.

The device is essentially a DAB, FM and Streaming WiFi/Internet Radio with a 5.7-inch touchscreen that can display 640x480 pixels and will be marketed as a "Radio for the Facebook generation".

The radio manufacturer goes even further, adding two popular applications, Twitter and Weather with others like Piacs and Facebook likely to come in the next few weeks. Pure also plans to release a SDK for developers to come up with their own application.

Because it has a USB port, you will be able to plug in a memory stick which is essential since the device itself doesn't come with any internal storage. But then, there's a headphone jack, a tilt stand, an antenna, an external connection for an iPod/iPhone dock and stereo out.

The price of the Sensia though might make some of you baulk; with a suggested retail price of £250, it is not cheap. But then, you can't build one or buy anything similar on the market. The Sensia will come in October in black, white, red and yellow.

Our Comments

Reviewers have reported that the sound quality of the Pure Sensia is quite good; music is delivered through a pair of 30W speakers placed on both side of the radio and there's even a pebble like remote control and an alarm system.

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