ROM Update Makes HTC Hero Snappier

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has released a new ROM update for its Hero Android-based Smartphone which not only ads a few nifty functions but also cleans a few bad bugs.

The update is available from HTC's uk website and should take only 10 minutes to download. Its most interesting feature - other than improving the phone's performance - is that it allows the user to focus on a particular part of a photo simply by touching the screen.

Ironically the ROM can only be installed from a Windows computers rather than from Linux and Mac. Oh and there's no over the air updates as well.

Just remember to backup all your data before actually doing the update. Unfortunately, HTC has yet to provide a seamless backup solution like Apple's Mobileme or Windows Myphone.

Early adopters say that speed has "drastically improved" and lag issues are "pretty nonexistent". An Orange version could well be on the way fairly soon as well because as it stands right now, the ROM is apparently not compatible with Orange-based HTC Hero.

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There's a video of the newly updated HTC Hero in all its glory.

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