US Government Adopts Cloud Computing Through

The Obama Administration has comprehensively embraced the notion of cloud computing in a bid to trim down federal cyber infrastructure costs and address the environmental impacts triggered by the US government computing systems.

Speaking at the NASA Ames Research Centre, the White House CIO Vivek Kundra said the government can’t continue fuelling the traditional data centres to fulfil its IT requirements; this comes in the wake of a sizable hike in the energy costs at federal data centres between 2000 and 2006.

Along the same line, the administration has unveiled as a storefront from where government agencies can buy the required IT applications from various private vendors including Salesforce and Google.

Of the total $76 billion of IT budget, the government is spending a hefty $19 billion on infrastructure maintenance, Kundra said.

Suggesting the need for cloud computing, Kundra quoted: “If in our lives, we can go online and provision Webmail within a matter of minutes, why must the government spend billions and billions of dollars on information that may not be sensitive in nature?”

Incidentally, Google will be the major supplier of cloud computing services tailored for the US government agencies from next year, the search engine giant announced on Tuesday.

Analysts have forecasted that the selection of Google as a leading supplier of cloud computing services to the government would indeed give an edge to the search company over Microsoft in cloud computing space.

Our Comments

That is a smart idea by the US government and one which is likely to spill over here. The UK government is very, very likely to follow suit (as always) once the US has paved the way. Shopping for cloud computing solutions is likely to cost much less than proprietary solutions. This is likely to save a few billion dollars over the next few years.

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