Google CEO asks detractors of Google Book Search to come up with a better alternative

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has finally broken his silence over the widespread criticism of his company’s proposed plans to digitise millions of printed books, and asked his opponents to come up with alternative solutions.

In an interview with Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land, Schmidt said he’s open to new ideas, but none of the opponents are proposing new solutions that would help settle the legal case filed against the company.

“I’m open to a better solution. You will recall, we had our solution, and we were sued over it. And we then had a-god-knows-how-many years of negotiations with 27 parties, and we’ve actually produced a deal”, Schmidt said.

Google was litigated for scanning copyrighted books without the consent of copyright holders. This could jeopardise the search company’s $125 million settlement with authors and to create a huge online library in the form of Google Book Search.

Rivals, including Amazon, Yahoo, and Microsoft, have decried the settlement Google made, expressing concerns that the deal would provide Google with superior rights over the online information and perceptibly hamper the competition in online book domains.

Asking critics to come forward with a better solution, Schmidt said, “I would like to hear from the critics a better solution to the problem as opposed to criticisms of the solution that we arrived at after four years of negotiation”.