Snow Leopard sports a high speed growth rate as sales figures zoom ahead of its predecessors

A leading retail analyst firm is reporting that Apple’s aggressive pricing strategy has been perking up the sales of Apple Mac OS X v10.6, better known as “Snow Leopard”, and that the new operating system is outperforming its two predecessors in terms of sales figures.

Data released by the analyst firm NPD Group showed that the sales figures for Snow Leopard were almost twice that of Mac OS X v10.5, aka “Leopard”, and around four times higher than that for Mac OS X v10.4, aka “Tiger”.

Stephen Baker, an analyst with NPD Group, said in a statement: “With pricing reduced by more than $100 for both the single-user and five-user pack versus Leopard pricing, Apple has clearly demonstrated that aggressive pricing policies in this economic environment generate an outstanding consumer response”.

It would be interesting to see whether the major OS upgrade introduced by Apple of late could reproduce the incredible sales performance exhibited by the original version of Snow Leopard, particularly when the industry is heading to fall season.

Initially, Apple priced the new OS at $29 as an upgrade to its erstwhile Leopard, and discounted the price soon after its launch that tugged it to around $10 in some cases. However, NPD didn’t bring out the actual sales figures.