Twitter on course to embrace voice with the third party Jajah app

After Facebook, Twitter would be the next major player in the social networking domain that would allow its users to have voice conversations from its platform.

Twitterers could soon make voice calls directly to their friends on Twitter by using a third party app (named “Jajah@call”) designed by the US-based IP telephony firm Jajah.

The new app has been tailored to let Twitter-users to kick-off a two-way voice communication simply by tweetering the user they wish to call with “@call@username”.

Jajah’s blog post reads: “Twitter's popularity demonstrates that people are looking for simple, short ways to connect globally. Now in beta, Jajah's new @Call service allows you to tweet your way to a call”.

“Make sure there is a space between the two user names and that no additional text is added to your message. Jajah will call you and your friend and connect the call”, the company added.

Although the free calling service will virtually function on any Twitter-enabled device, but users should be enrolled in the beta service of the app for it to work.

Furthermore, Jajah has also looked upon privacy issues, by concealing each caller’s contact details from the other, and making sure that calls can only be made to the followers of the user’s account.

The beta version of the app will initially be available to the US members only, and if successful, the service could presumably extend to other parts of the world.