Amazon Launches AmazonBasics Own Brand

Amazon has unveiled a new range of products under the banner AmazonBasics which brings the giant online retailer in direct competition with many of the companies that sell products through its virtual store and marketplace.

For now, AmazonBasics is restricted to electronics accessories, one of the more lucrative and high margin segments on the market. The category will include HDMI & Ethernet cables, Blank DVDs and CDs as well as other audiovisual accessories.

Paul Ryder, vice president of consumer electronics at Amazon, said that the company saw an "opportunity to create a line of consumer electronics basics that combine quality and low prices for an overall focus on value" before adding that the items will cost significantly less than competing products.

Amazon already has a number of private label range that it sells under its own name and in doing so, emulates the likes of Walmart, Argos and the majority of already established superstores across mature markets like US and Europe.

As the name implies, the Basics range is primarily a low cost one and is likely to be a trial by the online shopping giant. Amazon is already a well known brand and it is interesting to find out that unlike Newegg (which uses Rosewill) or Walmart (which uses the Great Value brand), Amazon is using its own brand.

Amazon will ship its products in its signature Frustration-free packaging, made from recyclable cardboard. They will also include one-year warranty. Analysts have also dismissed the idea that it will start selling more expensive Private Label products such as HDTVs or computers.

Our Comments

Amazon has yet to announce whether it will be shipping AmazonBasics products outside the US. This is highly unlikely given that hasn't sold its other public label products - including the Kindle - in other territories yet.

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