Microsoft To Extend Windows 7 Student Deals To Europe & US

Microsoft has expanded its Windows 7 student deal to US and will include Europe and other countries as from the 22nd of October, shortly after the operating system will be officially launched.

Windows 7 Home Edition or Professional will be available for as little as $30 in the US, compared to £30 - or a 60 percent premium - in the UK. The operating system will be available a a downloadable ISO and students will receive a genuine serial number.

Microsoft has also confirmed that it will be launching Windows 7 for students in France, Germany, Canada and other territories. Interested students will have to register on a special website called using a college or university e-mail address (ed: they may actually spend their extra monnies on getting that iPod Touch).

They will be able to order from the 30th, just like in UK while the other countries - which includes Korea and Mexico - will have to wait until the launch of Windows. US Colleges and other educational establishments can make full use of Microsoft's specially created MSDN Academic Alliance which acts as a giant download legal website for all Microsoft products.

French students can apparently still download Windows 7 Release Candidate albeit in ... French and they can purchase Office 2007 Ultimate through the French equivalent of the Ultimate Steal for 52 Euros.

Our Comments

Students may use the applications even after they finish work (i.e. forever) as long as it is for non commercial purposes. That said, it is unlikely that someone will use Windows 2000 even after 10 years and will very likely stick to Microsoft. Essentially those educational software programmes serve an often-hidden marketing purpose.

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