MLF Deletes Digital Inclusion PCs Theft Post

Martha Lane Fox, the UK Digital Champion, announced on her Twitter account that laptops owned by the Digital Inclusion Team have been stolen from their offices in Soho.

She wrote "O bloody hell the #digitalinclusion office has been broken into and all computers taken :((". It looks though as that she discreetly deleted the tweet possibly taking heed of her advisers' wise words.

The break-in was confirmed by a spokesperson for Ms Martha Lane and happened on Thursday night. She added that it was still "business as usual" as they still had equipment left.

Nothing confidential, she said, had been stolen and everything was backed up. Since then, the official UK Digital Champion has been silent over the whole ruckus, possibly to avoid any negative publicity vis-a-vis her near 4000 followers.

MLF recognised that there might have been some dark humour in the whole mishap, saying that those who committed the crime might have wanted to get a quicker way to be included. Obviously, they are still criminals.

The Digital Inclusion Team (DIT) is behind the seminal Digital Britain report which is set to change the way Britain's virtual landscape evolves. As Pocket-lint pointed out, a whole chapter of the Digital Britain Report ironically underlined the importance of getting the six million or so "non-liners" on the web.

Our Comments

It is interesting to see that MLF choose to report the whole affair on her personal Twitter account and not, as you would expect on the Digital Inclusion Twitter, which incidentally doesn't exist just yet. Oh, we've just reminded her of that actually.

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