£230 Acer Aspire Revo Desktop PC, Atom 230, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, WiFi, Games, Windows 7

This new energy saving desktop comes in an amazing new ultra slim design. As well as saving the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, its physical attributes are outstanding.

With its unique diamond shape, you can achieve better access to ports which are now up along sides and not awkwardly along the base of your monitor. The cables all face down to reduce the tension.

With this improved cable management there is now much easier access to all I/O ports and with the Revo mounted to your monitor, due to its diamond shaping, you are left with its corner at the top and not another edge running along the top of your monitor.

This provides a great location for a power button with minimal presence and also give an eye-catching appearance from the rear. The Revo can be adjusted to suit various monitors and a webcam can also be easily installed or attached to the top of the unit.

The Revo can also make an excellent home media centre with the right package. Connect the unit to your TV via the HDMI connections to stream all manor of HD content to your TV screen.

Play with a 3D game controller that can be physically adjusted to suit either a shooting or fighting game and many more. The same game pad can also be used as a media controller or ‘air’ mouse.

You can buy it from Ebuyer for £230 with free delivery.