£439.90 Samsung PS42A416 42-inch TV Plasma With 5 year TV Warranty

Check out our finest ever 42" plasma deal! The Samsung PS42a416 is the ultimate plasma bargain with a great specification from a brand you can trust.

Samsung's unique DNIe + picture enhancement system is standard and together with the HD Ready resolution give this 42" Samsung plasma TV the best picture quality in its class.

Colours are vivid, detail explicit and the motion is far smoother than most of the competitors at this price. In short, when it omes to picture quality, the PS42a416 is superb for its price and a match for many TVs costing half as much again.

Although no match for a separates system, the PS42a416 is, once again, considerably better than typical 42" TVs at this price. SRS TruSurround offers high quality surround sound effect processing which you'll usually only see on much more expensive TVs.

Combined with the "Down firing" speaker system, you'll find it gives the Samsung PS42a416 a smooth, spacious sound that's less boxy-sounding than many TVs.

In terms of connections, the PS42a416 has everything you'd hope for given the price. Twin rear-mounted HDMI sockets (v1.2) allow for the connection of 2 High Definition sources such as HD TV and an upscaling DVD player.

In addition to this, the PS42a416 boasts SCART and component connections for your analogue sources. Furthermore, the PC input makes this attractive TV the perfect complement to your home computer.

Samsung were one of the first TV companies to offer a deep, gloss black finish with smooth edges throughout their range and, even today, there are few that do it better.

The PS42a416 makes its rivals look crude and basic and, again, has the finish of a much more expensive design. For a quality big screen at a small price we don't think there's any better than the Samsung PS42a416. Get down to your local store and check it out for yourself!

This 42-inch Plasma screen comes with 5-year warranty and costs only £439.90 excluding delivery from Richersounds.