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Canonical Offers Preview Of Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Canonical has come up with the final alpha iteration of its signature Ubuntu Karmic Koala operating system, which is poised to be available to general users in the next month.

The company has introduced a couple of handy changes in the last alpha of the OS, with the most notable being the exclusion of the erstwhile boot splash screen. Instead, the new version includes an X-based splash screen to offer enhanced booting speeds.

The existing iteration of Ubuntu, version 9.04, takes about 25 seconds to boot on a netbook, and the company has been working to reduce the booting time in its new release.

In addition, the sixth alpha version of Karmic Koala also incorporates the Software Store application, which offers users with host of free open-source software applications for Ubuntu - a move that could help the company lure new users by familiarising them with the offerings of the OS.

It further includes Canonical’s file syncing service, dubbed as “Ubuntu One”, which entered into its beta back in May, and enables users to sync files between multiple machines.

Another small yet useful feature impacts the Indicator Applet, which can now open both Evolution email client as well as Empathy instant messaging software. The last alpha release of the OS will be available in Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and Kubuntu versions.

Our Comments

Karmic Koala is the 10th version of Ubuntu and there's only 16 other potential names available before the cycle is complete. Anyhow, the Koala will be a resounding success for Canonical as usual. Interesting as well that Canonical is offering a Software Store, which looks like a desktop version of Apple's App store.

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