Facebook Accounts Can Be Hacked For Only $100

Facebook is cautioning its users to be more watchful, as a group of some Eastern European hackers are reportedly offering an online password hacking service that can help others accessing their user accounts on the website for just $100.

Security firm PandaLabs has come up with this striking revelation about the service that can enable Facebook users to access others’ accounts by stomping out a relatively small amount that can be paid online using Western Union.

The security firm quoted a message from the site that reads: “With our site you can hack any Facebook account that you need. Our server uses [sic] revealed 'holes' in Facebook.com protection and gets access to databases of all users”.

However, instead of providing any details, a few evidences are suggesting that the hacking service, which is hosted on a domain registered in Moscow, has been set up to rip off its potential customers.

Incidentally, the service is also offering its users with guaranteed money back in cases if they find any targeted Facebook account unhackable.

Moreover, the hackers are claiming that they have been offering such a service for past four years and have enjoyed 99 percent success rate with it; however, the domain through which the service is being offered is just a few days old, raising questions over the genuineness of the website.

Our Comments

If you've been approached by one of these criminals, stay well clear. They do not need to respect their agreements and it looks more like a scam compared to a "genuine" hacking service. Anyhow, it is unlikely that the hole, if it indeed exists, will last more than a few days.

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