FCC To Go Ahead With Net Neutrality Rules?

The Head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has given the clearest signal yet that the concept of Net Neutrality will be fully adopted by the current Obama Administration much to the chagrin of the telecommunications companies.

The chairman of the FCC, Julius Genachowsk, has reaffirmed in a speech at a prominent Washington think tank that "There are few goals more essential in the communications landscape than preserving and maintaining an open and robust internet".

Opponents of Net Neutrality want the web traffic to be treated differently like a toll road, depending on whether the traffic has been paid for or not and on the type as well.

The debate which raged back in 2007 in the US is likely to spill over in the UK as the popularity online video on demand services explode, putting even more pressure on internet infrastructure here.

The head of the US Internet Regulator was adamant that the internet not only needs to be fostered but also, and perhaps more importantly, protected. Central to the debate will be the extension of the four current broadband principles known as the four Freedoms, to wireless internet.

Two new rules will be proposed for adoption by the five members currently sitting on the FCC panel; the first one would prevent internet service providers from traffic managing bandwidth either by slowing the content or blocking it altogether.

Then there's the fact that ISPs across the pond will need to become more transparent about how they manage their networks' traffic. President Obama openly supported the concept of Net Neutrality and has the backing of major web companies like Google, Ebay and Amazon.

However, expect the battle to be fierce and merciless as big telecommunications companies like Comcast or AT&T will deploy all their arguments and lobbying machinery to defend their rights to do business as they want.

Our Comments

It is the consumer which ultimately is the winner when the government wants to promote his or her rights against the big businesses. Like in the health sector, the Obama administration is planning big changes that will change the way America communicates.

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