Google Celebrated HG Wells Birthday With UFO Doodles

Search engine giant Google has revealed that the UFO doodles that regularly appeared on its front page were marking the celebration of the 143rd anniversary of famous novelist H.G. Wells' birthday.

In a note written on the official Google blog, Michael Lopez, Web Design Lead, confirmed that the two doodles that appeared were linked to the author of the classic "The War of the Worlds" who was born 143 years ago today.

The initial Google doodle was linked as expected to a Japanese video game called Zero Wing from which the phrase, "All your O are belong to us", was extracted (ed: why such an obscure video game such as Zero Wing rose to celebrity years after it was launched remains another mystery).

The second doodle saw circle marks in a field depicting Google's logo complete with a tweet of the coordinates of Horsell Common, which is where the aliens first started to conquer the world in H.G. Wells acclaimed novel.

The last one depicted four-legged machines ransacking a typical British village and ruining the Google logo that's merged with the countryside landscape.

Lopez said in the concluding paragraph that "The invasion of the logo by alien crafts and pods makes our series complete, but you'll have to read the book to find out how Wells' story really ends."

Our Comments

Why Google celebrated HG Wells is yet another mystery. He was one of the earlier science fiction writers but certainly not the most prominent of them all. Still it was a pretty good initiative from one of the world's biggest companies which didn't hesitate to change its logo.

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