Google Ramps Up DoubleClick Features

Google has taken a big leap forward in the domains of display advertising by unleashing a new service that would help vendors buying and selling display adverts.

The new service, tagged as “DoubleClick Ad Exchange”, could further spruce up its highly profitable search marketing network, by adding display advertising to its stable, a sphere being dominated by Yahoo Inc.

The new advertising service rolls in as a result of Google’s acquisition of advertising solutions firm DoubleClick back in 2008 for a massive $3 billion, and since then the industry has been hoping for such a service from the search engine giant.

Neal Mohan, VP of product management at Google, has said that the new advertising servicing is a “real-time marketplace that helps large online publishers on one side, and ad networks and agency networks on the other, buy and sell display advertising space”.

He further went on to say that by bringing both large publishers and ad agency networks into open marketplace, where prices are decided in real-time, Ad Exchange could ensure effectual allocation of display ads and ad spaces.

Google has been indomitable in search advertising space, and the addition of display advertising into its offerings could further strengthen its standing in the online advertising arena.

Our Comments

This could have a massive impact on some online businesses as Google tries to expand its market presence. Google has managed to grow so big that it controls the complete chain of the online advertising ecosystem. The only thing missing is actually the content, ouch.

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