LG BL40 Now Available On O2, Vodafone and Orange

Korean manufacturer LG has been selling the BL40 over exclusively at Carphone Warehouse and its affiliated online merchants on O2, Vodafone and Orange phone networks.

Orange and Vodafone are offering the phone for free when you spend £30 on a 24-month contract. Orange's Dolphin offer for example gives you 900 Anytime Any network minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited Internet as well.

Vodafone on the other hand will give you the same package without the unlimited internet bit. Orange is even offering a £15 package which gives you 100 minutes and unlimited text over a 24 month contract although you will have to fork out £290 to get the phone.

But Mobiles.co.uk, a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse, provides with an even wider range of contracts at much better prices including a £25 one where you only need to buy the phone for £19.99. The BL40 is available on PAYG tariff for £400 on O2 and Orange.

As a reminder, the phone distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition thanks to a taller than average design.

This is due partly to the decision by LG to integrate a 4-inch HD quality touchscreen (multi touch and capacitive) with a screen ratio of 21:9, ideal for watching cinematic footage (but less than useful for any other content).

There's also 5-megapixel camera, an S-Class user interface, Assisted GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and 1GB internal memory.

Our Comments

Will the BL40 be a success? Only time will tell, but given the success that the Chocolate series had in the past few years, we wouldn't discount the BL40 as being yet another resounding and superb seller for LG. That said, we're still not sure about the 21:9 screen that looks more like a rear view mirror.

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