Scammers Trick BT Subscribers Into Giving Out Credit Card Details

Scammers impersonating as executives from phone service companies, such as BT, are contacting subscribers in the UK in a bid to trick their prospective victims into disclosing their credit card and other bank details under the fears of disconnection.

Incidentally, if the subscriber denies offering any details or asks for the identity proof, the scammers then simply prove their authority simply by disconnecting the phone connection then and there.

In fact, the fraudster stays on the line with the mute button. This is because the person who makes a call is the one who can terminate it, leaving the prospective victim to receive a call, or even get a dial tone.

Along with this, Ofcom has further claimed that a group of fraudsters are calling up UK subscribers and asking them to pay £6 for some digital upgrade work, and that if the amount isn’t paid within a span of ten days then they would be disconnected.

Both BT and Ofcom have notified the UK police and are urging subscribers to not pay anything or give out their bank details to these fake callers.

Evidences are showing that such a phone scam has been happening all across the country, and the issue has called for both the phone service providers and users to be more vigilant.

Our Comments

This is a smart way of tricking home users into giving out their details. Ofcom is quite powerless when it comes to clamping down on those scam calls and often the victims are too afraid to come out or simply too ashamed to come out.

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