Sony Ericsson Releases Motion Activated Earphones

Sony Ericsson has debuted a new earphone that can control your music experience and rather than depending on some sophisticated motion sensing technology to work, it works using some very clever human action.

The MH907 heaphones - which will sell for as little as 39 Euros or £30 as from next month - promise to change "music forever" and comes with the company's newly unveiled SensMe.

The way the peripheral works is deceptively simple. Plug both of them in your ears for the music to start and pull anyone of them for the track to pause immediately. It will be available in titan chrome or yellow/white colours.

Sony Ericsson has confirmed that the headphones are activated by body contact which means that they can't be accidentally switched on when put in your shirt pocket.

Unfortunately, the MH907 will only be compatible with Sony Ericsson's own proprietary connector, the Fast Port, which is present on most Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

The headphones also comes with a built-in microphone and works as a FM antenna, sound blocker (not noise-cancelling) and stereo sound.

Our Comments

It is a shame that this great headphone from Sony Ericsson is a proprietary one (note that the pictures do not show the connector). Will the technology be adopted by other manufacturers? Will Sony Ericsson actually release it for its non Fast Port mobile phones?

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