Apple Comes Under Fire Over Battery Life On iPhone 3.1 OS

A flurry of complaints by iPhone users regarding how fast their batteries got drained after they installed the new iPhone 3.1 OS update has eventually prompted Apple to contact some of them to figure out the actual reasons behind the technical glitch.

Some users have even tried switching off features like Bluetooth and Push Notifications, but it didn’t appear to have any impact on improving the battery life.

Apple’s discussion forums have been rattled with myriad of complaints over poor battery life associated with the new iPhone OS upgrade, according to reports from The iPhone Blog.

The blog is reporting that the company has contacted an “undisclosed number of users” who talked about their problems surrounding the issue on Apple’s discussion forums, asking them to respond to 11 questions on their iPhone usage as it is linked to battery drain.

In addition, Apple has sent an attachment file that installs a profile, which helps the installation of Battery Life Logging utility provided by the company.

This handy tool helps users collect information related to battery-life, and sync those info logs to iTunes. The move would presumably help Apple to get into the bottom of the issue that has been jolting down the iPhone’s battery life to a great extent.

Our Comments

There must have been something in the iPhone 3.1 OS which caused it to suck battery life that fast. The problem though stems from the fact that it is not as widespread as one would suspect which makes it even more difficult to tackle. It will be interesting to see how Apple deals with this one.

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