Clampi Is Latest Malware Threat To Target Online Users

Internet users who use websites of banks and other financial institutions have been warned about a new virus known as Clampi which scrapes logins and passwords and sends it back to its masters.

The malware otherwise known as Ligats or Ilomo is prevalent in the US and UK and operates by monitoring in the background any websites that might need a login and a password for access.

According to the Times Online, security researchers have found out that Clampi creators are monitoring more than 4500 finance related websites including "banks, credit card companies, online casinos, e-mail, wire transfer services, retail sites, utilities, share brokerages, mortgage lenders and government sites."

Orla Cox, security operations manager with Symantec, told the newspaper that “Clampi is a complex threat. People are only just beginning to understand how it operates.”

More worrying is that it appears to be particularly good at hiding itself and unlike its predecessors, uses more traditional methods, like blogs and news websites to spread around, making it more difficult to stop.

It is likely that a second wave could strike soon as Clampi developers finetune their lethal payload before unleashing it again on masses of unsuspecting victims.

Our Comments

This time around, the bad guys were ahead of the good ones. It just goes on to show that security companies can't rest on their laurels. It is worrying as well that Clampi was only discovered when it was too late.

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