Google Trends Says That Beatles Are Bigger Than Jesus.. So What!

This is a slow news day today as we've learnt, via the Guardian, that Google trends reports Jesus, the son of God as being beaten by legendary group, the Beatles, as more people searched for the Rock band.

But Jesus seems to be stronger when you compare the search volume index and the news reference volume over a longer period (12 months). Jesus wins hands down with more than twice the number of occurrences in Google search.

It is interesting though to find out that the piece was actually dug by the Guardian and first published in its Music blog before being picked by the Telegraph and other online outlets as "news".

Since tech website the Register is also writing a piece on the disappearing panda, we can only conclude that today is a VERY slow tech news day.

Google Trends also helps to identify regional differentiation. For example, comparing Beatles and Jesus shows that the Son of God is far more popular in Northern Ireland than in the rest of England.

You can play with Google Trends here and even change the key terms and pit anyone against everyone.

Our Comments

Google Trends is a very interesting tool and even if the search volume index doesn't give you absolute values or quantities, you can surely make up your own judgement. We also noticed somehow that there was no mention of whether Elvis Presley or the Stones would defeat the Beatles.

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