Huawei To Introduce 56Mbps HDPA+ Wireless Broadband By 2010

Telecommunications equipment giant Huawei has announced that it will be delivering a full working 56Mbps mobile broadband system by next year that will be based on HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access).

The maximum theoretical speed is seven times more than what is currently available and more than twice what other competitors are planning in 2010. Chinese firm Huawei will be using MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technologies as well as multi-carrier to achieve this data throughput.

More significantly, Huawei revealed that operators will be able to reach these speeds simply by updating their equipment using the latest firmware. This might provide operators which have invested in Huawei devices with vital savings.

It is likely though that the firmware will only be implemented as part of a technical upgrade support package.

Wan Biao, President of Wireless at Huawei, declared in a statement that "This 56Mb/s HSPA+ solution will enable operators to maintain their industry leading positions and provide consumers with an evermore attractive mobile broadband experience."

HSPA+ Should allow uploads of around 11Mbps with latency times of around 15ms. When LTE kicks in, users could expect download speeds of around 140Mbps and upload speeds of 60Mbps. Obviously those speeds are maximum theoretical ones, only achievable in ideal situations.

Our Comments

We will only believe claims by Huawei that it can deliver 56Mbps when we see it. Our experience in the office with wireless broadband has been all but underwhelming, which was to be expected. We can often only get dial-up like speeds because of frequent dead zones even in London and especially when roaming around.

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