Microsoft Pink Tablet PC Rumours Emerge Again

After Apple and its maybe-to-be-released tablet PC or giant iPod Touch, rumours have emerged on the web about a mysterious Microsoft project called Pink which is said to be about a tablet PC like device.

As for Apple it remains to be seen whether the device will be a netbook without keyboard or a smartbook without keyboard. The difference is monumental as the first would surely work with Windows 7 and should be considered as a proper PC.

A smartbook without keyboard is more like a smartphone and according to Mary Jo Foley, from ZDNet, is what Microsoft is looking after. Microsoft could use the expertise of the guys from Danger, which it acquired in 2008 and could use the Sidekick as an inspiration.

Ms Foley also posits that the device (or family of devices) will be based on Windows 7 Mobile - which is set to debut next year - and could be presented as early as in January 2010 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Another website, 9to5mac, claims that Microsoft will introduce two new smartphones in 2010, build by Sharp and bearing the codenames Turtle - with a slideout keyboard and Pure - a traditional candybar phone.

It is unlikely that Microsoft will be building the device but then, it managed to come up with the Xbox family (although the Xbox 360 still suffers from many pangs) and the Zune which is a good portable media player.

Eventually, Microsoft could provide its partners with some great products or samples and encourage them to produce their own.

Our Comments

Why doesn't Microsoft concentrate only one one platform - the Zune - beggars belief. The Zune is competing with the iPod Family and Microsoft has taken its eyes from the real target, the smartphone market, which is rapidly eluding Microsoft and its partners.

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