Courier Is Microsoft's Secret Tablet PC

Microsoft could surprise everyone with a brand new product dubbed the Courier which is a two-screen tablet, which others have compared to a booklet, and is apparently almost ready to launch.

According to Gizmodo, the Courier will come with two 7-inch touch screens which can be controlled either with a stylus or with your fingers (expect them to be capacitive then) and are joined by a hinge, like the Asus EEE E-book that was displayed earlier this month (photos also show a single iPhone-like home button).

It also comes with a 3-megapixel camera and like the iPhone will support multi touch finger input. The lack of connectors suggests that the device might charge wirelessly using a solution similar to Palm's Touchstone and is likely to be heavily connected (think WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G).

It may also be devoid of any memory card slots and will use something else than Windows 7 (or even Windows Mobile); the Courier seems to get its inspiration from Microsoft gigantic Surface tablet computer than from any other previous Microsoft products.

Ina Fried of Cnet also reports that Courier is one of many "underground" (some might say disruptive) projects currently being mulled by hit teams within Microsoft.

Here's a rather impressive video of the secret Courier. Note how the interface appears to be fluid and without any stuttering. Also Courier appears to be very good at character and image recognition.

Our Comments

The company's surprise product might actually be no more than a prototype but at least it will give hope to some that the Redmond giant can actually compete with Apple when it comes to design and delivering great products.

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