Network Operators Respond To Mobile Broadband Report

UK Mobile broadband providers have countered a recent research, conducted by broadband comparison site Broadband Expert, accusing them for misleading users over broadband speeds they are getting.

The research, published earlier this week, found that most of the users were only able to get broadband speeds of around one-fourth of the maximum speeds touted in the companies’ marketing campaigns.

However, mobile broadband operators were quick to respond to the claims that they have been conning their customers by serving up customers with false advertisements over internet speeds.

Vodafone asserted that it has been doing its best to familiarise its customers about real world speeds.

Quoting the same, a Vodafone spokesperson said: “We've been careful to communicate what customers will typically experience from mobile broadband and give examples on to show long a presentation, image or document will take to download using 1.2Mbps”.

In its response, network operator 3, claimed that it hadn’t misled its customers, as it has been pouring considerable efforts for “clear and realistic messaging in the mobile broadband market”.

The network operator further called for more extensive efforts to make sure that the industry set achievable customer expectations. O2, T-Mobile, and Orange are yet to comment on the report.

Our Comments

The problem unfortunately stems from the very nature of wireless broadband coverage. Wireless connection can be excellent in some places and absolutely rubbish in others. More than for fixed-line broadband, speed and coverage also depends on the network's capacity at any particular time of the day. Finally, it also depends on the landscape and geography of the user's base.

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