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Palm Pre Smarter Than iPhone 3GS Says Research

A report released today suggests that the Palm Pre, which is set to be released in three weeks time on O2, is perceived by many as being smarter than Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 3GS.

The document entitled "Signature Smartphones: Gaining Mindshare in Order to Gain Market Share" and prepared by market research firm, Interpret LLC, shows the results of an analysis carried out on the so-called public mindshare.

It reveals that the Pre is second only to the iPhone 3GS when combining three important driving factors that motivates someone to buy a particular smartphone.

Comparing the Pre to the 3GS, the Curve and the Blackberry Storm, Interpret found out that the Pre was considered to be smarter (richer in terms of features) and more productive (increased efficiency) compared to the iPhone 3GS.

The 3GS was significantly hippier or cooler than all the other smartphones in the competition but came out last when it came to productivity. This reinforces the idea that the 3GS is not for business; Apple itself said that iPhone Apps, arguably the most popular features of the iPhone, were not meant for business use.

Of particular interest as well is the fact that while the Blackberry Curve is not seen as a Hip or Cool smartphone, it is seen as the most productive of all when compared to the Storm, the iPhone and the Pre.

Our Comments

Perception, it seems, is an all important factor of success, although in the case of the Pre, doesn't necessarily translate into sales. Still we believe that O2, in the UK, has priced the Pre a tad too high for it to be a roaring success.

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