Security Should Be Main Focus Of Cloud Computing Providers

Cloud computing service providers should focus on addressing security concerns surrounding the relatively new network paradigm, it has been claimed.

According to the two IT security giants, Symantec and CA, businesses currently offering cloud computing services should be required to come up with service level agreements enunciating guaranteed safety in data handling as well as data accessibility.

Speaking at the Gartner Information Security Summit 2009, Bill Mann, senior VP of CA’s Security Management unit, said that there are only few companies in the sector can actually make those guarantees.

"The most pressing concern is what I would describe as data security - access to the data. That's a big hole at the moment", Mann said.

He further mentioned that enterprises are highly interested in knowing about what technologies the providers are employing, measures for ensuring security and privacy for their data, and how they managing to keep various applications separated.

Meanwhile, John Turner, VP EMEA technical sales at Symantec, asked companies to come up with more lucid policies surrounding data retention after the client gives up the service.

Turner said that the business users couldn’t simply accept that the service providers would provide the same degree of security as they have been using in their homes.

Our Comments

Cloud computing is growing faster than some would have expected this means that there are new problems cropping up especially when it comes to security and reliability. Cloud computing is still in its early years and has some teething issues but the prospects it offers are tantalising to say the least.

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