BT Plans To Double 24mbps Broadband Coverage Within Two Years

While the government has declared to impose a new ‘broadband tax’ to fund next-generation broadband roll out, BT has announced its plans to double the coverage of its fast copper broadband network by 2011.

The telecom operator said its plans would include providing 20 million homes and business access to next-generation copper broadband services that offer up to 24Mbps, as against the existing limit of 8Mbps.

The company further claimed that around 40 percent of its customers are already connected to what is popularly referred to as 21st century network (21 CN), which can deliver broadband speeds of up to 24Mbps.

The operator claims that it will expand the roll out of speedier broadband service to cover 55 percent by the spring of the next year, and 75 percent by 2011. However, the roll out will only be accomplished if the ISPs ramp up demand for the faster ADSL broadband service, BT added.

Cameron Rejali, MD of products for BT Wholesale, said: “By expanding the footprint and reducing wholesale prices, we are helping communications providers deliver faster speeds to more customers, essential benefits in the tough economic and competitive environment we face today”.

In addition, BT is also planning to trim down prices of its Wholesale Broadband Connect offering to ISPs from January next year, with broadband charges being reduced by around 50 percent.

Our Comments

The problem with BT's up to 24mbps is that the speed is an absolute theoretical maximum, one which only a tiny fraction of the user is likely to experience. There will definitely be an improvement in the broadband speeds across the land, the only problem is that it may vary considerably from household to household.

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