Get Windows 7 Ultimate For Cheap If You're A Student Or A Teacher

Whether if you are a student or if there is a student in your family, then you may be eligible to buy Microsoft products and therefore purchase Windows 7 Ultimate operating system when it is launched on the 22nd of October.

This is assuming that Microsoft will make Windows 7 Ultimate available immediately; furthermore, historically, Microsoft doesn't sell entry level Windows (like Home version or even Professional version), only the high end.

Software4Students for example is one of the websites mentioned on Microsoft's UK educational section and has also appeared in the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. This means that you can buy from them with confidence even if their price could seem too good to be true.

Each student in a family is entitled to purchase only one license of each product to prevent abuse per academic year. This means that over one year, you can buy only one Windows 7 Ultimate and install it on one computer only at any one time. Nothing prevents you from buying one more license each year you are a student for yourself or if you want to give these away.

Microsoft has its own scheme called The Ultimate Scheme which is currently not available and should return before the end of September 2009.

When it was operational, TUS sold Windows Vista Ultimate for as little as £38.95, a 91 percent discount off the official retail price but you would need an "" email address.

Software4Students sold Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade for £56.75 and it is likely that Windows 7 Ultimate will sell for the same price.

Although in most cases, you won't need a student ID, you will receive a full working application with a product key but without the shrink wrapped box. Find more about Software4students here. Windows 7 Ultimate for business purposes.Microsoft's UK education sub-section is slightly overwhelming amd the relevant section cane be found here.

Other educational providers that should be able to provide you with Windows 7 Ultimate (as a student) include The Basement from educational specialists RM (which also gives 5 percent cash back to schools) as well as selected schools who have the powers to "license all or some of their students for home use of Microsoft software, through their School Agreement". The great thing being that when the students leave the establishment, they get to take the application with them for free. will probably sell Windows 7 Ultimate for as little as £63.02, a price that includes VAT while Studentexpressware has it for £58.71 which includes 1st class delivery.

The suggested retail price of Windows 7 Ultimate is likely to be £230. Surprisingly, you won't find many vendors on Ebay selling educational Windows software, probably because the risk of piracy is too high.

Teachers as well as people who work in education also can benefit from these scheme. Public Libraries, Public Museums and Charitable organisations may also be covered. Note that not respecting the license conditions is tantamount to counterfeiting and will be considered as a crime. This also means that you won't be able to use the educational version of