Microsoft To Encourage Windows 7 Parties

Microsoft has launched a new video tutorial, conveying people how to host parties to mark the launch of its new operating system Windows 7. It shows four party organisers talking about how to host perfect party to celebrate the launch of Microsoft’s upcoming product.

In the discussion, they proposed features that would help them impress their guests, as well as ways to keep up the flow of the party, while chatting about various features that come with Windows 7.

For the same, Redmond has signed up a New York-based firm ‘House Party’, which specialises in launch parties and has already organised such a campaign for Hershey and Geber earlier.

The video discusses various ideas, including taking snap shots at the very start of the bash and subsequently upload them to PCs to play around with them later.

This atypical marketing effort by Microsoft to spread a word about its upcoming OS has astounded the blogosphere to a great extent, and some of them even saying that the software giant doesn’t seem to be in a mood to holding a Windows 7 upgrade party.

Our Comments

This sound very much like a Tupperware/Avon scheme. Still, every little helps and the price to pay is negligible compared to the positive impact and great impression that such parties could have. We bet however that someone, somewhere will come up with a parody of a party just to poke fun at Microsoft.

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