Sony To Launch 250GB Playstation 3 Bundles In October

In a move similar to what the Microsoft is doing with the 250GB Xbox 360, Sony has confirmed that it will be launching a more expensive 250GB version of its Playstation 3 gaming console but only as part of a bundle.

The company revealed a line-up of bundles aimed at enticing prospective buyers to choose Sony over Microsoft. From next week, they will be able to choose either between two Platinum titles or popular game InFamous together with the 250GB PS3 for £284.99.

The only difference between the 120GB Sony Playstation 3 Slim and its bigger brother will be the 250GB hard disk drive. A bigger storage capacity means that gamers will be able to download more games as Sony shifts from physical media to online-based content.

Amazon has the game console on pre-order at £284.99 including free delivery and a £15 discount but without any bundle.

Other bundled packages will include FIFA 2010, Need For Speed Shift as well as Uncharted 2 plus a special Blu-ray movie pack featuring Wolverine, Batman The Dark Knight and a Blu Ray Remote.

Sony is likely to be touting the qualities of the Sony Playstation 3 as an excellent all rounder media workstation with PVR capabilities, gaming and Blu-ray playback.

Our Comments

Microsoft did the 250GB upgrade with the Xbox 360 and now Sony is at it with the PS3. This is nothing more than a simple hard disk upgrade which would cost around £50 for a 500GB model. This means also that we could potentially expect a 1TB or a 500GB PS3 to come out sometimes next year as storage prices fall down.

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