Sony To Launch FF XIII White Playstation 3 Slim Console

Sony has announced a white version of its Playstation 3 gaming console based on the universe of epic RPG Final Fantasy XIII that will cost a not-so-cheap £290 in Japan.

For that price, gamers will get a limited edition FF XIII console with a white finish and a pink picture of the main character printed on the body. The controllers as well will be in white, similar to the original Playstations.

It will be available for purchase on the 17th of December and there are yet plans to sell the console outside Japan. The console - which was announced at the Tokyo Games Show 2009 - will be a 250GB model and will be launched in partnership with Square Enix.

Hardcore gamers though might be a bit miffed by the choice of colour (pink on white rather than blue on white) and the fact that it will only be available initially through grey importers or on Ebay.

There is already a white version of the Playstation 3 which was launched in November 2007 but is based on the old "fat" model with a 40GB hard disk drive. There are a few units currently on sale online but they are fetching incredibly high prices.

Our Comments

Square Enix has sold more than 85 million Final Fantasy games worldwide and has even managed to get a film out of it. The 22 year old franchise is still one of the most popular in Japan and the US.

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