Walmart Undercuts Amazon With $80 Palm Pre Offer

The world's largest supermarket Walmart has managed to beat its online archrival Amazon by offering the Pre for as little as $80 on a two year contract with Sprint, a $20 discount compared to the e-tailer's offer.

Customers however will have to buy the smartphone at the full price of $179.99 before applying a series of rebate to bring the price to $79.99. Walmart still sells the mobile phone on a PAYG scheme for $500. Depending on your location, Sprint's cheapest contract will start fro $69.99 (450 minutes and unlimited data).

Some observers are suggesting that Palm's new Pixi will probably need to be priced well below the $79.99 price line with others pondering whether it won't simply be given free (after the obvious mail in rebates) with new contracts.

This great news (at least for Palm and potential buyers) comes shortly after the biggest US mobile phone operator, Verizon, denied that rumours saying that it was not going to sell Pre next year.

It is unclear whether this is a time limited offer launched by Walmart to stop Amazon from monopolising Pre sales. Some early adopters however might be slightly miffed given that they spent $200 to get the phone when it was first on sale.

Our Comments

Palm and its partners are really pushing it hard to get the sales going; either it is a sign of desperation or a sign of things going really well for the beleaguered smartphone maker. Let's hope for the good of the competition that it will be the first one.

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(Adrian Sang)

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