Apple To Release New MacBooks & iMacs?

Apple could be releasing a low cost MacBook line with a polycarbonate chassis to keep down manufacturing costs possibly before Christmas in order to capture a portion of the growing number of computer users with shrinking budgets.

Tech website AppleInsider reports that sources close to the Cupertino-based company have confirmed that cheaper models could be on the way due to "ongoing economic uncertainties".

The cheapest Macbook currently retails for £749 at Apple UK, more than three times the price of the average Netbook, a segment that has been growing fast as people turned to cheaper (and increasingly more powerful) machines.

No one knows at the moment whether Apple will be introducing more than one Macbook model but this is highly likely. Expect the new Macbook to be shipped in the same size format as the current Macbook, only slimmer thanks to Apple's proprietary internal battery technology.

We'd also bet a few pounds on the fact that the cheapest MacBook will be based on Intel's CULV platform with 2GB RAM, integrated graphics module and a 120GB hard disk drive.

The price? Likely to be around £599 delivered. The release date? Few days before Windows 7 is launched.

Our Comments

There are also a few whispers about a cheaper iMac coming up. The cheapest iMac costs £949, expensive stuff in the current financial turmoil although the iMac comes with a LCD screen. The Mac Mini costs £499 which means that any new iMac could end up around £700.

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