BBC's Attenborough Puts Favourite Wildlife Clips Online

The Beeb has asked one of its most recognised broadcasters, Sir David Attenborough, to come up with a list of its favourite moments in his long career as a close observer of planet Earth.

Video footage of more than 370 animals including the snow goose and the Golden eagle, has been categorised with sub-segments for the various habitats, adaptations and ecozones across the planet.

The video content is not available in high definition as you might expect but it does reflect the great work carried out by one of the great personalities of television. You can find these on BBC's Wildlife Finder.

More than 500 clips are available, covering 30 BBC series including Planet Earth, Trials of Life and Life in Cold Blood. The move by the BBC comes two weeks after it released more archived content, this time from the immensely popular TV show, "Tomorrow's World".

Expect the corporation to release more of those gems as verticals as it manages to digitise its entire video and audio library. Back in June, commercial rival Channel4 launched a similar project and has put some of its best-known series online; in total, 4000 hours of rights-cleared content was uploaded.

Our Comments

Will the Beeb offer such content at a cost for those not covered by the TV licence? An audience in the US or elsewhere could possibly be attracted to Sir Attenborough's works. These programmes have very high educational value (both in terms of content and format) and could well bring revenues to BBC Worldwide.

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